The types of food you consume during pregnancy have a significant role to play in ensuring the healthy pregnancy. Not all things are good for the stomach especially for the pregnant. The importance of eating well-balanced meals cannot be over-emphasized in the life of a pregnant woman. Eating a balanced diet does not have to put a hole in the pocket. It just means taking the essential nutrients of carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins and minerals in the right proportions.

Foods to avoid during pregnancy

Raw eggs

Try to avoid eating raw eggs or any raw-egg containing foods. These may contain bacteria causing food poisoning known as salmonella. Salmonella may bring about diseases like typhoid fever and gastroenteritis. The general advice is that pasteurized eggs are better in food recipe than the unpasteurized. If there is any doubt about the state of the eggs used, it is best to avoid using them.

Raw meat

All uncooked and rare beef, pork, chicken meat or even seafood should steer clear. All these foods can expose you and your baby to salmonella, coliform bacteria, brucellosis and all kinds of dangerous micro-organisms.

Soft cheese

Avoid all soft unpasteurized cheeses. They may contain a strain of bacteria called listeria. Listeria is rod-shaped, aerobic parasitic bacteria. Listeria causes a disease known as listeriosis. Listeriosis is a life-threatening disease that can cause fever, meningitis, miscarriage, or premature birth in pregnant women.

Deli meat

Avoid eating deli meats known to be contaminated with listeria which may cause failure and sometimes, premature birth. It Is the same reason you should avoid unpasteurized milk, refrigerated pates, and meat spreads.


As good as the liver is to the body, pregnant women should not eat large quantities of it. The liver is very rich in iron and vitamin A. High level of vitamin A can be harmful to the baby. Therefore, consume less of the liver while pregnant.


Get this right and straight. There is no level or amount of alcohol that is healthy or safe for pregnancy. So, avoid alcohol at all cost. If you have been consuming alcohol before conception, stop it. There should be a total abstinence from alcohol even at post-parturition. Alcohol will do your child no good. Alcohol consumption during pregnancy can result in child abnormalities and defects.

Mercury-rich fish

Lastly, Fish like king mackerel, shark, swordfish, and tilefish are rich in mercury. Mercury consumption during pregnancy may cause brain damage and developmental delays in babies.