A Guide In Choosing The Best Private Maternity Nurse

Giving birth for the first time will fill you with an array of emotions and a bundle of joy and all red with its face scrunched up. This lets the world know that it has arrived with a deep belly scream, the overwhelming emotion will be joy, followed by worry as to how you’ll be able to cope when you get home for the first time. Fortunately, with the latter help is available, not just for your family but also for an experienced and qualified maternity nurse who’ll be able to offer you help, advice and assistance.

As a first time mom, everything that is involved in providing TLC to a newborn baby can become overwhelming; from the first time, your baby screams during the night wanting a night feed, through to bathing the baby for the first time. As a new parent, asking for help isn’t something that you should be afraid of doing, and a maternity nurse will be available to provide a range of advice, assistance, and tips to ensure that mother and baby remain happy and well cared for.


Be available always

Available for daily, nightly or 24-hour bookings on a five or 6 day week basis. An experienced, professional and trained nurse will be able to equip you with advice on breast and formula feeding and safety and hygiene tips. While also being on hand to do that late night/early morning feeds/changes, allowing you to get some much-needed rest.


It’s important when choosing a maternity nurse to assist you throughout the daily routines of your baby’s early life that you feel 110% comfortable with the nurse. Through an experienced, reputable and reliable agency who specialize in maternity nurses, you’ll be able to rest assured that once the baby is born, the nurse hired to assist you will be suitable for your family set up and assist you in any way required.

References and qualifications

Most agencies, before providing nurses for a booking, will work tirelessly to interview the nurse by checking their references and qualifications, including an enhanced CRB check. Along with working tirelessly to employ the best maternity nurses available, many agencies will also stay in regular contact with the nurse and families during placement to monitor their suitability – this way you can rest comfortably knowing your baby is in the best care.

If you already have your overnight bag packed and by the front door ready for when the contractions start, the nursery is decorated, and the names picked out; why not complete the set of preparations and employ a maternity nurse through an experienced and reputable specialist agency.